California Cities Poor and Rich Oppose WienerWorld, Senate Bill 827

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Side by Side SB 827

California cities poor and rich are piling on to oppose Senate Bill 827 (known as WienerWorld) a YIMBY law that would wipe out affordable housing (so boring), historic zones (way boring), single-family homes (so racist), open space (way racist) and other things that humans love.

Junior state Sen. Scott Wiener is the Pied Piper of luxury blight. He and the YIMBYs (Yes in My Backyard) and their fat wallets the WIMBYs (Wall Street in My Backyard) want to erect luxury towers and wipe out big swaths of the cities. They say land-use rules protect racist single-family homeowners and that people getting by in old rental buildings stand in the way.

They say that in 25 years their towers will trickle down to the poor. They did in Towering Inferno.

State Senate boss Kevin de Leon should have stopped WienerWorld long ago. Incoming state Senate boss Toni Atkins should step into Wiener’s path now.

But since De Leon and Atkins are letting this arrogant junior senator scare the hell out of millions of people, the cities opposing WienerWorld are multiplying. From the League of Cities comes a new list of those opposing SB 827.  It’s cities rich and poor, liberal and conservative. Cities can join in, here.

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Meanwhile, you should probably know that Scott Wiener is the same Sacramento politician who is trying to push through a state law that would let bars operate until 4 a.m. instead of closing at 2 a.m.

In this way, drunk drivers can kill and be killed long into the morning hours, not just during bar drive-time between midnight and 2:30 a.m.

Just so you understand the kind of politician behind all this divisiveness.

If you missed the map of what SB 827 would do to San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, not to mention dozens of cities and towns on the list above, check it out below (this particular map zooms in on Los Angeles). Every time Metro adds a bus stop with 15-minute service, under Senate Bill 827, that area would automatically be upzoned.

The highlighted areas below would be “upzoned” under WienerWorld, regardless of the existing zoning, as Metro expands the Los Angeles bus service routes over the next several years. Metro would in effect become the most powerful urban planner — or destroyer — far more powerful than any City Council or any community.SFV and LA under SB 827 and 743