Coalition to Preserve LA overdevelopment battle map

Coalition to Preserve L.A. Unveils Overdevelopment Battle Map

In Data Maps by Patrick Range McDonald

Coalition to Preserve L.A. has unveiled a vital public information tool: the L.A. Overdevelopment Battle Map. It shows where residents are fighting inappropriate development projects that cause displacement and ruined neighborhoods.

Thoroughly researched, the map includes neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles and provides snapshot information about a particular project. If you know of a project that’s not on the map, please contact the Coalition, and we’ll add it.

Go to the L.A. Overdevelopment Battle Map.

The map also shows the citywide push by developers and City Hall politicians to build and approve mega-projects that need spot-zoning favors and wreak havoc upon residents — from displacement of seniors and families to ruined neighborhood character.

For example, a middle-class or lower-income community is not zoned for the construction of a 20-story luxury housing high-rise, but a developer asks the City Council and mayor for a zone change, height district change or General Plan amendment to build the tower. When City Hall politicians green light such a request, that’s known as a “spot-zoning” approval. It’s a profitable favor that results in millions in profits for a developer, but creates displacement and ruins the character of a community.

When fighting City Hall, arm yourself with solid facts. The L.A. Overdevelopment Battle Map is an excellent resource to get the information you need.

Go to the L.A. Overdevelopment Battle Map.