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“Hollywood Scoping Plan” Hearing Tonight is City Hall’s New Push to Turn the Neighborhood into Skyscrapers

In Archive by Jill Stewart

Should Hollywood Be Skyscrapers? Los Angeles City Hall Thinks So!
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Where: First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood (Mears Center)
1760 North Gower St., Hollywood
This is a hearing for City Hall’s proposed plan to create a second Century City in Hollywood. Under law, tonight city officials must listen to your comments on their proposed “Environmental Impact Report.”
The city created this latest “EIR” to justify a developer nightmare scenario for the community of Hollywood. The last Hollywood Community Plan and “EIR” were thrown out by a Superior Court judge as being blatantly illegal. Yep, illegal. Community members proved that L.A.’s leaders had faked Hollywood’s population projections to justify a skyscraper ghetto that high-rise developers want to impose on historic, low-rise Hollywood. Developers have given $6 million to the Mayor and City Council since 2000.
GO TONIGHT! It’s better than House of Cards. Massive new street traffic, bursting water mains, treacherous earthquake fault? Distractions from the goal! So please do attend and present environmental information that should be considered in the EIR. Maybe this time, City Hall won’t break laws to push it through!
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