If Wiener Wanted Affordable Housing He’d Demand 50%

In News by Ileana Wachtel

State Sen. Scott Wiener’s bill, SB 50, aims to raze thousands of single-family homes, which he finds “immoral” — making his bill the greatest attack on home ownership in California history.

SB 50 rewards developers who buy and destroy single-family homes in places like East L.A., Atwater Village, South L.A., Watts, Brentwood, Cheviot Hills, San Pedro, Westwood — and half of the Valley. Why? To build 6- to 8-story luxury towers. 

The bill was ghost-written by trickle-down Reagonomics fanatics, also called developer lobbyists. SB 50 is far worse than Wiener’s outrageous and unsuccessful SB 827 in 2018.  

His new bill up-zones thousands of single-family areas so developers can erect anti-family housing with NO parking, few setbacks for trees and yards, and almost entirely one-bedroom. 

Wiener is promising to remove some acid from his hated bill by requiring developers include 15%-25% affordable units. If Wiener wanted affordability, he’d demand at least 50%.

But that’s not his goal. SB 50 is a game of “Choose Your Own Adventure” and the winners are luxury developers/investors. 

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