Judge says City Hall must stop breaking the law.

Judge Says Planning Commission and LA City Council Screwed Over Neighborhood Activists

In Archive by Patrick Range McDonald

An L.A. judge recently ruled that the Planning Commission and City Council must stop messing with citizens’ right to due process involving a controversial subdivision development project. City Hall bureaucrats and politicians had been playing illegal cat-and-mouse games so they didn’t have to hear appeals from a community group.

The La Brea-Willoughby Coalition was getting the run-around at City Hall and sued, saying their appeals for a development project in their community were illegally denied by local government. Other community advocates’ appeals had been shot down for similar, underhanded reasons. In an article on CityWatchLA.com, coalition president Lucille Saunders wrote:

After considerable briefing and a bench trial, the Los Angeles Superior Court ruled that the City of Los Angeles violated the members’ right to due process because the City’s Planning Commission and then the City Council failed to consider the appeals and instead, summarily denied them without a hearing. The Court also held that Los Angeles Municipal Code sections 17.06(A)(4) and (A)(5), which the City used to justify the denial of appeals, unlawfully conflicted with the California state Subdivision Map Act.

The Coalition to Preserve L.A. applauds the La Brea-Willoughby Coalition’s efforts and victory. We, the citizens, always need to stand up and fight back whenever City Hall tries to pull a fast one.

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