L.A. Officials Trying to Kill Zoning Appeals & Public Notices

In News by Ileana Wachtel

Coalition to Preserve LA has been granted permission by United Neighbors For LA to send out its warning, below, about a fast-moving 948-page proposal by L.A. officials that will cripple public input on land-use, and shift power over such decisions from the L.A. City Council to unelected bureaucrats in the Planning Department.

We join with UN4LA in opposing this outrageous end-run around the City Charter, government transparency, public engagement and fundamental democratic process.

L.A. officials insist that this “Proposed Processes and Procedures Ordinance” merely “streamlines” some dull procedures without changing any substance. This is utterly untrue.

It grants tremendous discretion over the fate of L.A.’s communities to the unelected Director of Planning (currently Vince Bertoni, but we’ve had many). It handcuffs public participation, limiting or killing existing public notices and the public’s rights to appeal many land-use decisions.

Please tell your Council Member, the Mayor and the Planning Department that this plan is unacceptable and illegal under the City Charter. A few examples:

Shifts power over development to a bureaucrat: Makes the unelected Director of Planning the final decision-maker on nearly all proposed construction in L.A. – 17 different types of decisions the public would no longer have the right to appeal.

Cripples public participation: Kills our City Charter requirements for advance public notice and public input by delegating everything down to the Director of Planning. And it removes after-the-fact public notice requirements from L.A.’s Municipal Code.

Historic and Coastal zoning: We are still digesting baffling rule changes involving HPOZs, Coastal Development and Affordable Housing Alternative Compliance.

Read the column published this week by the highly engaged citywide organization, United Neighbors for LA here.