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L.A. 2040: Make Your Dreams a Reality for a Livable L.A.

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Don’t miss the 2017 Congress of Neighborhoods on ¬†Saturday, September 9, at L.A. City Hall. Coalition to Preserve L.A. will hold an informative panel discussion called “L.A. 2040: Make Your Dreams a Reality for a Livable L.A.: The General Plan.”

The panel will explain the importance of robust political participation in the entire General Plan update process based on the following:

  • A successful General Plan is a bottoms-up document, not a top-down one.
  • The state of California has recently issued its General Plan Guidelines 2017, the first update of these guidelines in 14 years. This document not only synthesizes all existing California planning laws and regulations, but it offers detailed guidance to local government agencies, like Los Angeles, on the legal and practical importance of the General Plan, as well as detailed instructions for its preparation.
  • The State Guidelines stress the importance of public participation in all aspects of preparing, adopting, implementing and monitoring the entire General Plan, which in Los Angeles means all of the citywide elements and all of the Community Plans. While the City Planning Department has updated several of each in recent years, they, too, will need to amended to be fully consistent with the new citywide elements, whether mandatory or optional, as well as the new Community Plans updates.

The panel discussion will be held during session 2, 10:50 a.m. – 12 noon.

Room: TBA (check Congress of Neighborhoods website)

Panelists: Jill Stewart, Coalition to Preserve L.A.; Dick Platkin, CityWatch LA, columnist; David Wolf, MyCity.Is, planning organization

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