Oppose Millennium Hollywood, the Earthquake-Prone Twin Skyscrapers Renamed “Hollywood Center”

In City Hall, Corruption, earthquakes, Fight Back, Hollywood, News by Jill Stewart

Get ready to fight the renamed Millennium Hollywood twin towers, which the badly tainted developers, Millennium Partners, are rebranding as “Hollywood Center,” without their name on it because they’re now infamous on Facebook and in the headlines. Millennium partners are the money and brains behind the disastrous Millennium Tower in San Francisco, the world’s only sinking skyscraper.

City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, why are you quietly acquiescing to a tower proposed atop the Hollywood Earthquake Fault (see map above), dreamed up by the same geniuses who built San Francisco’s urban planning fiasco?

Why is a Los Angeles city councilman willing to endanger lives in Hollywood — imagine if “Hollywood Center” toppled onto Pantages Theater or Capitol Records? Millennium Partners’ new plan is to build the eastern tower directly atop the Hollywood Fault, defying the State Geologist’s clearcut warnings.

A well-known advocate for sane urban planning, David Ewing, wrote a fantastic letter (below) opposing the renamed, and even worse than before, Hollywood Millennium. Residents and activists stopped the first plan. In a sane world, Hollywood’s city councilman would have stopped this even worse one.

Mr. Ewing below urges the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to deny Millennium Partners’ effort to skirt the normal public hearings and environmental reviews to “fast track” this Los Angeles quake-disaster-the-making.

Mr. Ewing wrote, in part:

“We all understand why the projects that most need environmental review are the ones that seek political assistance in evading it. Millennium Partners’ application to the Governor to certify the Hollywood Center Project – known as the Millennium – epitomizes this corruption of process. Please realize that if you give a pass to a dual-tower high-rise project on an earthquake fault that’s been formally identified and located by the California State Geologist, you not only endanger its occupants and neighbors. You also undermine CEQA itself along with the credibility of the State of California.

“I urge you to reject certification of this environmentally unsustainable and dangerous plan to build two skyscrapers atop and next to the Hollywood Earthquake fault. The Outfit behind this project, Millennium Partners, also developed the sinking Millennium Tower in San Francisco. Please watch the 60 Minutes  program on this disastrous development, titled SAN FRANCISCO’S LEANING TOWER OF LAWSUITS ,” and contact San Francisco County Supervisor Aaron Peskin for reliable information before heading down this path. The SF tower and the officials who green-lighted it are now notorious around the world for its faulty construction planning, which led to the sinking and leaning of the residential skyscraper.

“No responsible official should allow this same crew to duck environmental review. Picture yourself on 60 Minutes , trying to explain why lives were lost. You should reject this application because it is dangerous. The applicant is not being honest in disclosing the risk of an earthquake. This developer has a disastrous track record of cutting corners and is the last applicant that should be allowed to do so again.

“It fails to protect human life as required by state law:

“In violation of the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act, these skyscrapers would place occupants on property identified by the State Geologist as underlaid by an active fault. L.A. Superior Court said, in its 2015 ruling to set aside approval of the applicant’s previous version of Hollywood Center project (the Millennium), that the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act prohibits construction  of buildings for human occupancy that lay across traces of an active fault.

“The State Geologist, not the City of LA, is recognized globally in these matters. The OPR should not recommend, and the Governor should not certify as an Environmental Leadership project, a project the State’s Geologist has officially found unsafe and non-compliant with Alquist-Priolo.”

Thank you Mr. Ewing, well said.

We at the Coalition to Preserve LA urge Angelenos, no matter where you live, to join us in vehemently opposing this terrible precedent, a scheme by two billionaires who are the money and the “brains” behind San Francisco’s foolish, dangerous, Millennium Tower.