Hollywood Bungalows may be demolished

Residents Demand Answers About LA City Hall’s Secret Plan to Demolish Hollywood Bungalows

In Archive by Patrick Range McDonald

Neighborhood activists were shocked to learn that a developer plans to demolish several Hollywood bungalows to make way for a giant market-rate residential complex. Located just south of Sunset Boulevard on Gordon Street, the adorable bungalows offer affordable housing units, according to activists.

Although L.A. City Hall usually gives the city’s neighborhood councils the opportunity to review such projects, Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council member Edward Hunt only found out about the planned demolition from a local resident who was driving by the site. The city and developer, in other words, kept the new development hush hush.

Hollywood bungalows may get the wrecking ball

Another Hollywood bungalow set to be demolished

That’s not surprising. Neighborhood activists across L.A. have long complained about secret, backroom deals between city officials and developers while residents have no idea what City Hall is planning for their communities.

It’s one major reason why Angelenos from the Westside, the Valley, South L.A. and the Eastside believe L.A.’s planning and land-use system is unfair and broken — and why they support the reform ballot measure known as the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, which seeks a much-needed fix for the city’s rigged development approval process.

Earlier this year, under pressure from activists who support the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative, Mayor Eric Garcetti and L.A. City Council members agreed that the city’s planning and land-use system needed a revamp. L.A. politicians, however, have yet to put forward a substantive reform plan. Angelenos will vote on the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative on March 7, 2017.

The Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council and Hunt are now asking city officials why they weren’t alerted about a project that will demolish the Hollywood bungalows with affordable housing and replace it with market-rate units. The city is scrambling to come up with answers.

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