Save Los Angeles, Oppose Scott Weiner’s YIMBY Nightmare, SB 827

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Join the people of San Francisco, the South Bay, Inland Empire, Bay Area, Orange County and San Diego in fighting Senate Bill 827 by YIMBY leader Scott Wiener. SB 827 is the most anti-democratic, environmentally devastating bill proposed in Sacramento in years — as Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz puts it, “the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”

If state Sen. Wiener gets SB 827 through the legislature and signed by the increasingly erratic (bullet train) Jerry Brown, L.A. will see  5-story and 8-story luxury towers wipe out single-family areas, historic zones and low-rise apartment/bungalow communities. Here’s your visual guide to WienerWorld:
Wiener SB 827 Building Next to Single Family in Historic West Adams
The above depiction by artist Anne Hars is not the worst of it. This shows a mere 5-stories plopped into West Adams — but that’s the smallest size Wiener is proposing.

WienerWorld is a place where greenery, air and light are selfish concepts standing in the way of cell-like apartments. Environmental damage, community destruction, mass demolitions and mass human displacement are its rewards.

Any area near a busy bus stop or transit stop would be subject to SB 827. The Sierra Club, which opposes 827, correctly predicts that people will fiercely oppose proposed Metro stops or bus stops  if SB 827 becomes law, because to get transit is to get obliterated.

[Tape this note on your frig: SB 827 imposes massive upzoning within 1/2 mile of a transit stop, or 1/4 mile of a busy bus stop.]

We’ll continue to unveil renderings of true-sized towers and the real Los Angeles streets where they could be built. Meanwhile, join us in opposing SB 827. Please go to this links to sign petitions against WienerWorld:

Our friends at UN4LA call SB 827 “a con not a cure.” Please sign UN4LA’s great petition here!

And Bay Area communities could be razed, so please back S.F. dwellers by signing the petition here.