Top 10 reasons homelessness will soar in 2018

Top 10 Reasons L.A. Homelessness Will Soar Again in 2018

In Homeless, News by Ileana Wachtel

   1) Cost to build a SINGLE UNIT of “supportive housing” for L.A.’s homeless: $421,433 (footnote 1)
   2) Cost to BUY a 1-bedroom CONDO in Westlake, or a 4-bedroom HOME in Riverside: $421,000 (2)
   3) Number of homeless units built under Mayor Garcetti with $1.2 billion in HHH bonds: ZERO (3)
   4) Cash spent by developers in 2017 to influence the City Council, mayor & officials to build MORE luxury housing: $4.8 million (4)
   5) Skid Row’s average rent after the City Council gentrified the area for urban hipsters: $1,900/mo. (5)
  6) Of 20 new residential towers slated for South Park, number that offer affordable units – TWO (6)
  7) Affordable units planned for Westfield Promenade’s 1,400-unit mega-project in the Valley:  ZERO (7)
  8) Number of households evicted by L.A. landlords so they could jack up rents in 2017: 1,200 (8)
  9) Number of affordable bungalows & units razed by L.A. developers in 2017: “City Hall doesn’t keep track.” (9)
 10) Number of toilets Garcetti opened for 1,800 homeless people on Skid Row in 2017:  EIGHT (10)

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