Zuckerberg’s Vast LLC is Behind SB 50, SB 330 and Other Ugly Laws of 2019

In Corruption, Housing, legislature, News, SB 50 by Jill Stewart

Journalist Zelda Bronstein, at the investigative news site 48Hills.org, has launched a series unveiling the terrible reach of CZI – the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – as this monied and secretive LLC shaped and promoted Senate Bill 50, its “evil twin” Senate Bill 330 and the CASA Compact. Those are all state laws aimed at destroying single-family neighborhoods to force Californians into a crowded apartment lifestyle that the CZI tech gods think is best for the little people.

Below, Coalition to Preserve LA links to Bronstein’s first installment in her stellar, document-backed investigation into how far Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan have gone to promote their belief in “trickle-down” housing theory — the failed notion that building large concentrations of luxury housing will help low-income renters and the homeless.

Please jump to 48Hills.org for the incredible first installment, “Facebook Money and California Housing.”

It’s beautiful reporting about an ugly thing.

And don’t miss tonight’s livestreaming of brilliant scholar Michael Storper of the London School of Economics and UCLA, also at 49Hills.org, as Storper debunks the trickle-down concept of housing gripping the State Legislature — thanks to the deep pockets of CZI.